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Indigo Montessori is a family-owned Western Australian business taking pride in our services, staff and facilities. At Indigo Montessori, we employ outstanding Educators within the industry who are always striving to achieve their very best.

We are committed to providing a workplace that is equal, professional, and supportive. Our Staff each year come together at our Annual Staff Event to celebrate and be acknowledged for all their hard work and dedication! Our Managers each year spend quality time outside of work to team build and collaborate with one another.

If you want to be part of an amazing company that focuses on building relationships and has that family feel, then we are the place for you!

“The Staff Expo was such a well organised and unforgettable event! The feedback from my entire team was that it was even better than last year! (which is saying a lot) We really like that there was an announcement and we got to celebrate every ones prizes together. Thank you all at Head Office for all the hard work you would have done to prepare such a massive event. Every one of our team are so grateful and elated to be a part of such a fantastic company!”


— Kathleen

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